Cal Steinmetz, You Will Be Missed

On Friday morning, December 5, one of my heroes passed away from complications associated with cancer.   Cal Steinmetz had built a great reputation as an attorney, but Cal was also a wonderful partner to Brian Boyle, a mentor, an athlete, a fundraiser, an activist, and a loyal friend.

Cal and I met during the early 2000’s in Northern Virginia.  He and I collaborated on a few cases in which the mutual client needed both legal guidance and therapy.  Many of our cases resulted in clients taking ownership of their behavior, serving any terms of sentence, and getting additional resources (such as 12 step recovery, family therapy, or couples therapy) as needed.  The success was measured by NOT having clients return for services post discharge!

We shared a love of sports, as both a fan and a participant.  Cal was famous for his leadership on the softball field.   He ensured that players of all levels were welcome into the leagues.   He literally played with his heart on his sleeve with a similar passion to how he worked.   If you were blessed to be a friend of Cal, you knew you had someone who had your back!

Cal and Brian had made the transition from DC to South Florida though Cal managed for a period of a couple of years to have law practices in both locations.   He candidly advised me to only have one counseling office here in South Florida so clients could be re-assured of my active presence.  He had my back.  I will never forget that… or forget him.   RIP Cal.