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Doug Nelson provides the following services for small and medium sized businesses that may not have access to traditional Employee Assistance Program services.

  • Management Case Referrals related to Work Performance Concerns – Employees who are being placed on a Performance Improvement Plan often benefit from an objective clinician trained to address how an employee can change the behaviors impacting negative outcomes in the workplace.  Employees are given five counseling sessions to meet with Doug with the expectation of meeting workplace outcomes by the conclusion of the sessions.  Doug also provides consultation calls with the referring owner or employer’s designated representative prior to the initial session, following the third session and after the final session.   Cost to employer is $650 per case.
  • Case Referrals for Personal Concerns – The structure of five counseling sessions and three corresponding consultations calls is similar to a Management Case Referral, however, the precipitating event is generally linked to an unexpected catalyst (illness of family member, workplace accident, domestic dispute) interfering with duties at work from an employee with a previously excellent work performance record.   Cost to employer is $575  per case.
  • Personality Styles in the Workplace – This ninety minute focus group includes a Team Building exercise that identifies four workplace personality styles and the advantages and obstacles created when those styles collaborate on projects.  Cost to employer is $300 per session plus printed materials.  Ideal group size is 20 to 35 participants.
  • Group Facilitation – Designed for Leadership Teams or Employer Departments who want an objective facilitator to ensure group process and agenda outcomes without the identified Employer Leader serving as the facilitator.  Cost to employer varies depending upon group size and length of program.
  • Crisis Debriefing – Crisis counseling completed in a group format when a group of employees has experienced a recent catastrophic event such as a workplace accident, death of a colleague, robbery or act of violence in the workplace.  Cost to employer varies depending upon group size and length of program.

If you are interested in scheduling one of the Employer Resources for your organization, please contact Doug Nelson’s office at 954-789-9061 with your request.