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Doug Nelson is available to facilitate sixty minute “lunch and learn” or evening programs for employers, schools, community organizations, places of worship and other entities.  He usually schedules these programs on Tuesdays, Wednesday evenings or Saturdays in order to maintain his clinical office hours.  Programs are interactive and address the following topics:

  • Couples Communication – this program focuses on both verbal and non-verbal cues that parties of a couple utilize which enhance trust, rapport and intimacy or create distance or resentment in addition to a series of exercises for both partners.  Concepts of “fair fighting” to address conflicts are also reviewed.
  • Diversity Training – this program focuses on how to create a more cohesive environment when there is a mixture of ages, races, gender and sexual orientations within a specific group.
  • Men and Anger – from a young age, men are given encouragement to express frustration and anger rather than hurt or worry.  This program focuses on enhancing the ability of men to communicate a variety of emotions, particularly within the context of marital and romantic relationships.
  • Parental Overview of Substance Abuse – raising adolescents is often met with unexpected challenges, particularly when teenagers experiment with alcohol and other drugs.  This program provides an overview of various substances as well as signs and symptoms that indicate a rapid decline to patterns of abuse beyond occasional experimentation.

If you are interested in scheduling training(s) for your organization, please contact Doug Nelson’s office at 954-789-9061 to discuss the preferred date and time, an overview of audience members and the rationale for your selected topic(s).