"Doug helped me through some tough times in my life when I did not see a way out.  My time spent with him was both beneficial and rewarding.  HIs passion for helping others is apparent."  Individual Therapy Client

“With Doug's help my husband and I found new and improved ways to communicate, strengthening and reinforcing the love we share but were struggling to communicate in ways the other could interpret. Doug's easy way created a safe environment encouraging us to work together. Highly recommended “ Couples Therapy Client

“Doug Nelson helped me though what I hope was the most difficult time I will ever experience.  My older brother passed away unexpectedly and it left my family shattered. I had met Doug at a networking event and called him the day after my brother’s passing.  Doug was able to move his calendar get me scheduled the next day.  Working with him throughout my bereavement process provided great clarity, and allowed me to return to work in a productive manor. I highly recommend Doug for any bereavement struggles you may be going through “ Individual Therapy Client

“I met Doug at one of the darkest points in my life. I had no direction, no ambition and I had turned into a pessimistic person with little self esteem. With Doug's gentle and concerning nature I was slowly transformed. It was not an easy process and it would not have happened without him and the way he went about doing his job. Now I am in the most incredible place I could have ever imagined in life and I owe that to Doug Nelson and his calm, nurturing, and powerful message. I could not begin to thank him enough for what he has done for me and my confidence and self worth. He allowed me to see the light and reach for the light at the end of a dark tunnel and I can honestly say that it might not have happened without his assistance.”  Individual Therapy Client

"Keep doing what you are doing because you really changed our lives.   You're the best!"  Couples Therapy Client

"The workshop was an amazing experience.  Thank you for your wonderful facilitation.  We will continue to learn from what we discovered."  Workshop Client

"My time with Doug in group was an important step in my process.  He listened carefully, didn't judge and got everyone to participate - a skill we all appreciated.  Doug facilitated the group keeping an ear open for important ideas and themes while adding a dose of humor which kept us feeling comfortable and open.  I looked forward to each and every session."   Group Therapy Client

"I suffered a tremendous loss and could not sort out my feelings.  Logically, I knew I had to reinvent my life, but emotionally I could not see my way through.  Luckily a good friend referred me to Doug.  I sensed on our first meeting was going to be an enormous help in my process.  He was not shy about pushing me out of my comfort zone while never going beyond what I discovered I could do.  I will be recovering from my loss for a long time but thanks to Doug, I have the tools to move ahead."    Individual Therapy Client

"Great blog posts.   You're a brainiac!."  Professional Colleague

“Doug presented a series of workshops for us geared towards healthcare professionals, and did an absolutely exceptional job. His passion for his field, his desire to share information with his peers, and approachable manner were all immediately evident. Although he had a thorough grasp of his topic, he continuously worked to improve his presentation by adding emerging research in the field to keep it timely and relevant. I unquestionably recommend Doug as an instructor--he is clearly at the top of his profession and truly strives to help others in any way that he can.”   Jennifer McMahon, Cross Country Education

“Doug is a dynamic presenter.  He does an exceptional job of engaging the audience.  You will find his presentations to be both informative and fun.”  Doris Dodson-Thomas, Virginia Association of Adoption and Child Placement Professionals.