FTLCFIT is operated with fees for the following therapy services with cash, personal check, Visa, or MasterCard being an acceptable form of payment:

  • Individual sessions for 45 minutes in duration $100 (the initial evaluation lasts 60 minutes at a cost of $120)
  • Family and couples sessions for 60 minutes including initial evaluation $120  

Clients with insurance plans requiring forms to seek out of network benefits will be provided with a billing summary to seek reimbursement at alternating individual, couples or family sessions or on a monthly basis if prferred.  Clients should investigate whether there are any out of network benefits available.  Topics to address with the plan representatives are:

  • Does the plan offer benefits for working with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida?
  • Are the plan benefits subject to a deductible?
  • What is the percentage of reimbursement based upon the fees?

Prospective clients may request to schedule a no-charge fifteen minute introduction to greet one another, view the office space and address any questions about fees.  These introductions are scheduled on a separate date prior to the initial evaluation session.