Suggestions for Making Your Holidays Happy

There are two short work weeks ahead as many companies close on December 24 & 25 as well as December 31 & January 1st for the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.    School systems and courtrooms are essentially non-operational for these two weeks.   You may be getting the final items on your gift lists, packing luggage to travel or preparing to host several family members.   The holidays can get stressful when the “to do list” feels overwhelming, yet this time of year can be full of treasure.  Don’t hesitate to self-care while you are actively involved in the midst of giving to others.

Here are a few possibilities to enjoy the holidays… if one applies, utilize the suggestions:

  • Embrace the spiritual nature of the holidays; if you are not faith-based, revel in a greater communal spirit that is present or intended when people wish you a joyful holiday, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or Merry Christmas.
  • As you finish your shopping list, get a pedicure or a massage to ease your muscle tension.
  • Enjoy sleeping in at least two mornings of your holiday break.
  • Volunteer at a shelter or participate in the serving or cleaning up of a meal catered to those who may be homeless or struggling to make financial ends meet.
  • If you are traveling to visit with family or your in-laws, spend 1:1 time with your favorite relative or a close friend who lives in the area to unwind… and maybe confide if need be. 
  • Remember to pack a book you’ve been wanting to read or plan to attend a movie you can’t wait to view (there have been at least $100 Million in pre-sales for Star Wars 7).  
  • If you’ve been banished to a guest room with single beds, find time to cuddle with your sweetheart during daytime hours.
  • Recognize you may add a couple of pounds to your body weight when you are enjoying the talents of friends and family who love to bake or cook.   Set aside time for physical activity each day to combat significant weight gain during the holidays.
  •  Don’t focus on finding the perfect gift; enjoy the gratitude expressed when someone thanks you for the effort to choose her/his gift.
  • If you remain in the Lauderdale area, sink your toes in the sand for a beach day.

Thanks to my clients for entrusting me with your concerns.  Wishing each one of you a joyful holiday!