Crystal Meth Group Rationale

During the late 1980’s, one of the primary concepts within the Addictions profession focused on a difference between Type A and Type B use histories.   Type A was described as primarily alcohol or “alcohol only” with an initial use during adolescence or early adulthood and primary consequences developing over a 20 to 30 year period.   Type B was described as multiple drug types with an initial use during puberty or adolescence with primary consequences developing over a 7 to 10 year period.   Type A’s often sought support in Alcoholics Anonymous and Type B’s often sought support in Narcotics Anonymous.

Those concepts were taught more than twenty-five years ago, and I wish that a consequence period of several years was still true.   However, crystal meth, like crack, has changed that.   When Whitney Houston stated “crack is whack,” she was right.   And the same quote holds true for crystal meth when primary consequences (financial problems, work performance decline, physical challenges, social isolation, etc.) can quickly occur within several months or just one or two years.

There have been reports of social drinkers for many years or decades who start using crystal meth, and their lives unravel within several months.    The invitation of a gay man to “Party and Play” becomes a never-ending cycle of searches for crystal and sex, sadly combined with increased risk behavior.

I will be starting a twice weekly substance abuse group that will primarily focus on ceasing the consequences associated with crystal meth.   The focus of group is not centered on how you got there, but HOW the group members will break away from the vicious cycle of drug use consequences.  Members will also identify whom from their current family and friends will truly be supportive of choosing drug free living.  Engaging in recovery groups such as Crystal Meth Anonymous is strongly encouraged to supplement treatment group participation. 

Should you know someone that is considering stopping the problems associated with using crystal meth, please share this blog article.   Contact me at or 954 789 9061 should you wish to schedule an assessment.